“Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.” – Gloria Steinem

Finding your pregnancy mojo

“You’re glowing!” This compliment has become ubiquitous, and for good reason: pregnancy can indeed be astoundingly beautiful. But what if you’re well into the second trimester, often considered the honeymoon period of pregnancy, and you’re still just not feeling it? At all? Maybe you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, possibly even still nauseated…or simply at a loss as… >> take a look

Osteopath Amélie Bélanger

My doula clients rave about Montreal-based osteopath Amélie Bélanger’s talents during their pregnancies and postpartum. I’m a client of hers myself, and every time I visit her, I walk out of her office feeling lighter, standing taller (kind of incredible, since I’m already 6’1), and breathing so much easier. Recently Amélie gifted me with some… >> take a look

Preparing For a New Baby

Guest post by Seri Dudley, age 10 Hi! Most of the ideas I got for this post are based on my own experiences, and on what I would have liked my parents to have done. These ideas are made up to get your kid(s) excited about the new baby, not jealous. Me and my brother… >> take a look

Planning ahead for an awesome postpartum: part 2

More tips for an awesome postpartum

Taking some quality time during your third trimester to truly reflect on and prepare for your fourth trimester is so important that I’m devoting a second post to it. (And I may write even more. I’m that passionate about it.) Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it. Without further ado…a few more tips for… >> take a look

Planning ahead for an awesome postpartum: part 1

Planning an awesome postpartum

In prenatal sessions with my doula clients lately, I’ve been devoting more time than I did before to preparing for the postpartum. Many of us North Americans tend to fixate on pregnancy and birth as these gloriously monumental, life-transforming events (which they are!), but mostly gloss over the part that follows…except to obsess over, say… >> take a look

The fourth trimester: re-creating the womb

Re-creating the womb

So, you may already know about the fourth trimester. You may have heard how significant these first three months postpartum are for your baby. And how re-creating a womblike environment for your baby can help ease her adaptation to the outside world. But did you know it’s just as important to re-create the womb for the… >> take a look

How to choose a doula (hint: it’s all about oxytocin!)

Choosing a Doula

Montreal is fortunate to have an absolutely wonderful community of doulas—people who dedicate their lives to helping expectant and new parents have an informed, positive, nurtured, and empowering pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of it. Maybe you’ve decided that you might want a birth or postpartum doula. You… >> take a look

A few misconceptions about doulas

Misconceptions About Doulas

I suppose I live in a bit of a “doula bubble.” Not surprising, given that the organization I studied with is here in Montreal, where I live, so I have this wonderful built-in community of people passionate about birth. It can be easy for me to forget that although more expecting parents hire doulas nowadays… >> take a look

6 reasons why a home photo session is right for you

Family Photo Session

Guest post by Gwylan Goddard So you’re expecting a baby… And you know you’d really love to document this special time in your life. Whether it be to mark it with a maternity photo session or wait until baby arrives, here are a few reasons why you may choose a session at home. As a… >> take a look

How to have a beautiful C-section

Post-C-Section Love

So, most of my clients don’t plan on having a C-section. And most of them don’t end up having one. (In fact, studies have shown that having a birth doula present can actually lower your chance of having a C-section.) But the reality is that sometimes—for many different, sometimes absolutely lifesaving reasons—C-sections happen. According to… >> take a look

“Women are strong, strong, terribly strong. We don’t know how strong until we’re pushing out our babies.”– Louise Erdrich

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