“Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.” – Gloria Steinem

6 reasons why a home photo session is right for you

Family Photo Session

Guest post by Gwylan Goddard So you’re expecting a baby… And you know you’d really love to document this special time in your life. Whether it be to mark it with a maternity photo session or wait until baby arrives, here are a few reasons why you may choose a session at home. As a… Read more

How to have a beautiful C-section

Post-C-Section Love

So, most of my clients don’t plan on having a C-section. And most of them don’t end up having one. (In fact, studies have shown that having a birth doula present can actually lower your chance of having a C-section.) But the reality is that sometimes—for many different, sometimes absolutely lifesaving reasons—C-sections happen. According to… Read more

Your birth playlist: a hospital bag essential

Lest you start thinking my doula blog is actually a food blog… Let me change gears a little bit here.* We all know how profoundly music can shape our experiences. You might put on a mix of certain songs for your ‘50s-housewife-themed dinner party, or plug into your 6am-sunrise-chaser playlist while you lace up your… Read more

I’m only here for the cake…

A WHAT cake? I’ve moved so many times in my life that even though I’ve been “settled” in Montreal for over four years now, my bookcase is a pared-down version of what it used to be. Now it contains only those favourites that hold a special place in my heart, my pregnancy and birth reference… Read more

Raw truffles: the perfect postpartum snack?

Postpartum Raw Truffles Recipe

No, not the fungus… In my last post I wrote about the old English tradition of baking and eating groaning cake during and after childbirth as a nourishing postpartum snack. Many cultures have their own “birth foods,” often jam-packed with energy and nutrition to help families recover postpartum. That reminded me of a gift one… Read more

Welcome to my website!

website birth story

I’m writing this on a (finally) warm pre-summer evening at my home in Montreal, whose 375th birthday just happens to be today, May 17, 2017. Bonne fête, dear Montreal, one of my favourite cities in the world! May also happens to be MY birthday month…and also International Doula Month, at least for a couple more… Read more

“Women are strong, strong, terribly strong. We don’t know how strong until we’re pushing out our babies.”– Louise Erdrich

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