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Raw truffles: the perfect postpartum snack?

Postpartum Raw Truffles Recipe

No, not the fungus…

In my last post I wrote about the old English tradition of baking and eating groaning cake during and after childbirth as a nourishing postpartum snack. Many cultures have their own “birth foods,” often jam-packed with energy and nutrition to help families recover postpartum.

That reminded me of a gift one of my clients gave me once. During my postpartum visit, she and her partner presented me with a box of homemade raw truffles. She had made a huge batch and had been eating them herself as well. They were some of the most delicious things I’d ever tasted: full of almond butter, dates, coconut, seeds, possibly a bit of cinnamon, and I don’t remember what else. DIVINE. And I thought, What an excellent postpartum snack: rich in calories and nutrients, and easy to eat one-handed while breastfeeding or otherwise caring for a newborn.

Ideally, some kind person will make them for you and leave them by your front door, but if that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t take too long to throw the ingredients in a blender and press Mix. (Heck, you don’t even have to put them in truffle form. Just grab a spoon and eat the mixture straight from a bowl. That’s probably what I would do.)

A Google or Pinterest search for “raw truffles” will pull up dozens of recipes and mouth-watering images. Here’s one from Deliciously Ella.

About the author: I’m Heather Marr, a certified birth doula in Montreal, mom of two, and eternal wanderluster. When it comes to pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood, it’s about the journey AND the destination. I’ll support you every step of the way.

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