“Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.” – Gloria Steinem

Preparing For a New Baby

Guest post by Seri Dudley, age 10

Hi! Most of the ideas I got for this post are based on my own experiences, and on what I would have liked my parents to have done. These ideas are made up to get your kid(s) excited about the new baby, not jealous. Me and my brother argue a lot, so I feel like helping other kids like me possibly avoid the sibling rivalry.

Before the new baby arrives

Maybe plan to let your kid go to the birth.

I wouldn’t have wanted to do this, but every kid is different! (You can even look into hiring a sibling doula to help prepare your child to be part of the birth and to accompany him or her during the birth. – Heather, Seri’s mom)

Let your kid help make get-well food for the mother.

(Check out the book The First Forty Days for ideas! – Heather)

DON’T talk about the baby all the time!

It can cause your kid to become jealous, even if your kid is interested in the baby. If your kid asks questions, sure, answer them. #SiblingRivalryBeforeBirth

Let your kid help paint, decorate, or draw pictures to hang in the baby’s room.

It can make your kid excited for the baby to come as he or she will want to see the baby’s reaction.

Help your kid plant a flower.

Even if it blooms early, wait for the baby to be born before putting it near where the baby will sleep.

After the new baby arrives

Let your kid help pick out a gift to give to the newborn.

I gave my baby brother a monkey teething toy. I think he still has it, and he’s five now.

Try to give your kid equal time with both parents.

Also, maybe even hire a baby-sitter or get a relative to spend time with him or her.

If your kid is old enough, let him or her help out with the baby.

Like picking out clothes for the baby or getting a new diaper! Or singing to the baby.

Big Sister

Born in San Francisco, California, Seri lived in three countries before the age of five and is now a grade 4 student in Montreal. She enjoys reading graphic novels, playing capoeira and Roblox, learning about marine mammals, eating box mac ‘n’ cheese, and arguing with her little brother.

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