“Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.” – Gloria Steinem

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I’m writing this on a (finally) warm pre-summer evening at my home in Montreal, whose 375th birthday just happens to be today, May 17, 2017. Bonne fête, dear Montreal, one of my favourite cities in the world! May also happens to be MY birthday month…and also International Doula Month, at least for a couple more weeks. So really, what better time could there possibly be to say, Hey everyone, welcome to the online home of Rio Doula – MY online home! Wow, it feels amazing to write that.

Even doulas need doulas, and can you believe I found a website one?

Well, I did, and her name is Sarah Juliusson, aka, yup, the Website Doula. Unlike a birth doula and client, Sarah and I didn’t have several months to spend getting to know each other before the birth (er, launch) of my doula website, but we really didn’t have to: she immediately tapped into what I needed and wanted, even during those moments when I really didn’t know what I needed or wanted myself. She was always there, attending to my every request, gently suggesting position changes (er, photo or copy changes), and staying calm, cool, and solid when I was in transition (er, experiencing a thankfully brief and minor existential crisis related to my business name). I will always be grateful to you, Sarah.

So stay awhile, and take a look around. Bask in the glow of my sunny colour palette; check out my page of awesome local resources for pregnant, expectant, or new (or not-so-new) parents; or better yet, get in touch with me!

– Heather

About the author: I’m Heather Marr, a certified birth doula in Montreal, mom of two, and eternal wanderluster. When it comes to pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood, it’s about the journey AND the destination. I’ll support you every step of the way.

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“Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.” – Ani DiFranco

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